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aethiopien2 slSocial involvement – recognition in society

From a great height he falls into lake Tana– the Blue Nile. Its origin is in Ethiopia – one of the poorest countries in the world – which is suffering regularly from droughts.

Together through »thick and thin«

1984: Around one million people in Ethiopia die of hunger. The Communist regime destroys one church after the other, imprisons Christians and pushes church movements to go underground.

AVC, through Hans Ollesch, gets in contact with an Ethiopian free church and starts to assist imprisoned Christians and their families and to support evangelists.

New perspectives through the Christian faith
Today we support numerous Ethiopians who bring the Good News to their countrymen. The social work in cooperation with local churches has led to a wide recognition by the population. Attacks on Christians have decreased.

Education brings a future
Since 1996 our Sponsorship programme »Bless a child« gives 3,400 children a good education. Our three Kindergartens with preschool in Ambo ease the transition to school.

Water in the Steppe
Since the end of 2014 we push the construction of retaining dams in order to supply 15,000 people in the border region to Kenya with water.

Vaccinations for cows
Epizootic diseases endanger the livelihood of the Meinits. We help them through training in agriculture and vaccination of their animals.