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Collage EstlandEstonia needs Jesus – more than ever

What started with an action and little enthusiasm on the part of Estonian Christian churches has now become a fresh start. AVC supports the planting of new churches.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Estonia was in urgent need of outside help. Then, AVC supplied relief supplies to the country. The good economic development today seems to encourage the people’s illusion that God is no longer necessary.

But already in the times of the Soviet Union a spiritual dawn started in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Hundreds of people had personal experiences with Jesus and many experienced supernatural healings from diseases. People even travelled from abroad to have a special experience with God. And all this happened in front of the eyes of the KGB.

Appetizers create hunger for more
Estonian Christians had the desire to have the Kingdom of God grow more in their country. In 2012 AVC supported local partners in the planting of a first church in Paldiski in the context of the project „Europe needs Jesus”. This new church plant, that hardly anybody had believed possible, created a new wave of motivation in the national church movement. They now have the vision of planting 30 new churches in the coming ten years. For a small country like Estonia these are breath-taking dimensions. AVC supports the local church movement with practical help and paying the wages of church planters.