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eritrea2 slLanguish in containers

In Eritrea freedom of religion is limited to the major Christian churches and Islam. Christians in not registered churches are considered enemies and are persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed without mercy by the government.

In the furnace
People affected report about maltreatment, torture and long lasting imprisonment – without trial and sentence. Christians have to “live” in dungeons, holes in the ground or jammed together in freight containers: during the day they suffer unbearable heat and during the night they suffer cold – and they always suffer hunger and thirst. Survival in these conditions is very hard.

Escape is the only chance
There are no signs of an improvement of these circumstances in Eritrea. Escape abroad is – especially for Christians – often the only chance for a humane existence. Most of those who manage to escape are severely traumatised.

Tailored help for individuals
Our contacts allow us to check the fate of individual persecuted Christians and help accordingly: help for the bereaved of martyrs, financing medical care after the release from prison and further aid; also refugee aid in Europe. *

*For security reasons and in order not to endanger the work we can’t give more detailed information