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Bread for »Rome’s granaries«

This bountiful era is long gone. Today Egypt with its long and glamorous history is in regard to its development in the last third worldwide. Every fourth Egyptian lives below the poverty line, a third of the population is under 15 years of age.

Games, fun and soup

Since June 2011 we support a food programme for children of poor Coptic and Muslim families in Cairo. What started with 50 children has by now grown to a project with three employees and a good number of volunteers. Every Friday 400 children from the streets and neighbourhood are fed in a Christian church. At the weekends a mobile soup kitchen is travelling to other parts of town and is feeding another one hundred children. The hunger is eased and through games and children’s programmes social and spiritual needs are also met.

Dreams of growth

In order to meet demand a kitchen has already been added and a play area has been rented. But the vision of the leader of our partner organisation in Cairo, where an estimated 200,000 children live on the streets, goes far beyond: „We dream of feeding 400 children seven days a week“!