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kuba2 slCuba: Persecuted Christians in Paradise


Classic cars, Salsa, and white beaches; Cuba is considered as a popular vacation spot. But, this sunny Caribbean Island has also many dark sides to it. There is a great lack in many normal day to day necessities. Cubans earn about 15 to 25 Euros a month. Even with food stamps, their income is only enough for around half a month.

The human rights situation in the socialist country is very precarious. Promises given by Fidel, the successor of Raul Castro, stating more religious freedom, is nowhere to be seen or practiced. Christian persecution is not just a relic from the past.

Nevertheless, Christians there are very active and courageous in evangelism. AVC supports two evangelistic youth groups and 36 evangelists working in the country, as well as Cuban missionaries who are ready to take the good news to other countries.

Due to the great level of poverty in the county, AVC also assists with social commitment.