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china3.2 notleidende slHumanitarian help for minorities


More than 150 minority groups in China are neglected by the state. AVC supports humanitarian projects among minorities. Among the projects are the construction of bridges, accommodation ways, water supply and solar systems for poor village communities. By this we create opportunities for local Christians to get involved for the good of society, to create goodwill – and to pass on the Good News about Jesus. To increase personal responsibility and initiative the beneficiaries of the projects are actively involved in the implementation. They pay part of the costs – even though a very small part – and do much of the practical work.

We support the construction of schools. Minority groups have no opportunities without education. The central government only sends teachers once a school in a village is built. The pupils then learn Mandarin und will be able to get integrated into the world of employment.

Emergency relief
In the event of earth quakes and other catastrophes it is natural for our partner churches to help as much as they can. After the initial aid they don’t just go away and leave the traumatised survivors to their fate. Many helpers stay on and help them practically and pastorally. This creates a great openness for the Christian Faith.