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china2 slCountry with force and momentum

A quarter of the world’s population lives in the People’s Republic of China. China has developed into an economic power whose products flood the world markets – state guided capitalism in a political system that is without compromise and rigid. But Christians also have force and momentum.

Only a part of the population profits from the economic progress. The contrasts in this massive empire are increasing. There is a stark difference between city and country, between rich and poor. On the one hand there is relative freedom on the other hand there is persecution of differently minded people.

Millions in house church movements
AVC has been involved in China since 1980. Since then we have helped millions of Chinese Christians to get a bible – both desired and forbidden. Besides the state-recognized and controlled “Three-Self Patriotic Movement” the not registered House Church Movement which we support is also growing. It is one of several movements that count an estimated 130 million Christians.

By tendency their situation has improved considerably over the past years but depending on the region it can be very different.

Humanitarian aid projects
AVC invests through local partners in various humanitarian aid projects among minorities, actively supports water projects and emergency relief.

Back to Jerusalem
A great vision that moves many Chinese.