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The bank with a difference

Loans in form of rice, water buffalos and fish
The so called “Rice and animal bank” provides seeds and animals like water buffalos. From their harvest the farmers pay back to the bank twice the amount they received as “starting capital”. Every second calf of the water buffalos goes to the bank as repayment. The same principle applies with fish farming. In this way the bank is receiving new capital all the time which can be given out to more farmers.

Impressive Before-After effect
So far the rice and animal bank has helped hundreds of families to make a livelihood. This causes big changes in society.

Angkor Sor Village
The village in the province of Prey Veng is an example how holistic help can change a society. Originally the whole population in the village lived from begging and theft. One family came to faith in Jesus Christ and as a result their values and ideals were completely turned upside down. With this family a small agricultural project was started – with amazing results. Through these obvious and positive changes the whole village – with the exception of one family – has come to faith in Jesus Christ. Apart from this one family, all the others can now earn a living through farming. In the past the crime rate was very high but today there is peace. The village and its population have changed completely.