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kambodscha2 slA traumatised people

The »Killing Fields« stand as synonym for the mass murder by the Khmer Rouge of their own people between 1975 and 1979 – with far reaching consequences.

A third of the population was killed. There is hardly a family that has not lost relatives. This trauma paralyses the people to this day and they have hardly the strength for the challenges of the present. One of the results is the overwhelming poverty. More than five million people in Cambodia live below the poverty line.

Hen Sen has been reigning for the last thirty years. Opponents were always successfully eliminated – with intimidation and violence.

Dare to live

AVC with its partner organisation Ethnos Asia has been working for the Cambodian people since 1990. The Church Empowerment Program (CEP), agricultural training in the Harvest Centres and a bank with a difference are giving Cambodians the courage to live for today. Through the bank alone, hundreds of families were able to establish a livelihood in agriculture. The Before – After effect is impressive, as the example of the village Angkor Sor shows.