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bulgarien2 slRelief supplies for the poorest

Impoverishment exists not only in the Third World. In the EU country Bulgaria one in five of its inhabitants lives below the poverty line and has less than 120 Euros per month to live on.

Ethnic groups-Patchwork
The desolate economic situation intensifies the tension between Bulgarians and Roma and Sinti. Additional potential for conflict is the stream of refugees from the Middle East. In 2014 alone between 35,000 and 40,000 people came to Bulgaria – mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tangible help
AVC has been active in Bulgaria since 1987. Then, in Communist times, we helped persecuted Christians and smuggled bibles. Today we carry out regular relief transports, among others with Christmas boxes for children, refugees and people in prisons. The Preschool for Roma children helps their integration into primary school.

Spiritual footprint
Alphalive-Courses and intensive support after being released from prison contribute to social rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and the integration of refugees. A Bulgarian team for evangelisation with a strong healing ministry reaches thousands of Bulgarians every year.