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Collage Weisrussl. RehaHappy without addiction

The relapse rate in drug and alcohol rehabilitation by the state is extremely high. The reason for this is the fact that it is not enough to tackle the outward symptoms. The inner emptiness needs to be filled and the meaningless of life must be addressed. If this is not achieved, people will turn to addictive drugs as soon as they are faced with even the smallest challenge.

In the Christian rehabilitation centres the addicts are helped in the physical withdrawal. But on top of this there is an intensive search for the reasons of the addiction. The Christian faith plays an important role here. Through countless conversations, prayers and with the bible they work on building a new and solid foundation.

The life of a junkie is hard – and it stays hard in rehab. Getting up early and then five hours of physical and spiritual work in the mornings and afternoons trains them to use their time sensibly and to get used to normal day structures. They stay at the rehab centre for nine months and in the following six months they are gradually led back to normal life outside the protected rehab facility.

More than 1,000 men and women have passed through the rehab programme since 2002 – and most of them successfully. Today they are content people who are able to solve their problems without drugs. Many of them have become reliable and committed church members.