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bangladesh3 schulen slPrimary schools

Primary school in the Chittagong-Hills
The Chittagong-Hills are very remote and even more underdeveloped and poorer than the rest of Bangladesh. AVC supports the construction and financing of 23 primary schools. At the moment around 900 students receive an education at a level that is far above that of state schools. In addition to the ABC they are also taught Christian values, basics in hygiene and other important lessons for life. The students receive a solid foundation for their lives.

Primary school in a Muslim slum
In 2009 we started a further primary school in a Muslim slum in Dhaka. Slum children get the opportunity to make it out of their misery by an above average education. The children are also looked after by a local Christian church and provided with food and clothes.

Hopeful results
Today some of our primary school students are studying at university and so receive the qualifications to become important pillars of society. A side effect of the schools is that the positive changes in their children cause parents to look into the Christian Faith. It is not rare that they decide to live a life with Jesus Christ.