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Helping people in need

Poor, oppressed, without a chance, without hope and without perspectives. This describes the life of billions. Disasters such as droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, famine, epidemics and warlike conflicts are rising dramatically and bring death and devastation.


Country How we help
Bangladesh Teacher training, primary schools
Belarus Rehabilitation centres
Brazil Children's homes, soup kitchens


Support for prisoners, support for refugees, preschool for Roma, relief transports
Cambodia Training centre, agricultural projects
China Support for minorities, emergency relief
Costa Rica School
Egypt Soup kitchen
Ethiopia Sponsorship projects, water projects, cow vaccination project
Greece Refugee centre, adult education, relief goods, practical help
Haiti Reconstruction of school, sponsorships, computer training
India Children's home, home for the elderly, schools and scholarships 
Indonesia Children's home, street children, famine relief, kindergartens
Iraq Support for refugees


Jordan Support for refugees
Kazakhstan Drug rehabilitation centres, aid for the needy
Laos Training centres
Lebanon Support for refugees, primary school for refugee children
Madagascar School, mobile clinics
Mali Schools, distribution of relief supplies
Moldova Literacy programme, rehabilitation centres, children's home, home for the elderly, street children
Mongolia Training centre, homeless centre, social and agricultural projects, distribution of relief supplies 
Nicaragua Schools
North Korea Famine relief, construction of fertilizer factory
Peru Schools, support for families who have children with a disability
Philippines Schools, reconstruction aid, famine relief, street children, children's home, medical help
Tanzania Schools, children's homes, Kindergartens, mobile clinics, support of the Massai, adult education
Turkey Support for refugees
Zambia Clinics, university