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avc portrait

AVC Portrait | Short presentation on AVC's mission and values |  filmSymbol Clip 1 min | Prod. AVC International 

Pakistan  | Christians in the grip of Islam|  filmSymbol Film 4.35 min | Prod AVC International
Country and projectportraits

Greece  | Refugee help in AthenfilmSymbol Film 2.15 min | Prod AVC Switzerland

Escape and forced displacement

Lebanon | Hotspot Lebanon | Innumerable syrian refugees live in Lebanon in extrem poor conditions. AVC brings emergency relief in form of food, covers and clothes supply, and offers school program for the children. |  filmSymbol Film 10 min | Prod AVC Switzerland

Aid for disaster victims

Philippines  | Storm-proof |  filmSymbol Film 4.20 min | Prod AVC Switzerland

Action "Christmas Gifts"

Moldova | You are needed | Social and humanitarian Relief in Moldova through AVC... and you ! | filmSymbol Clip 2.36 min. | Prod. Karine & Oliver

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