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Food, medicine, bicycles, time …

Material donations wanted 
People in poverty lack nearly everything: food, articles of hygiene, detergents, beds, mattresses, medicine and other everyday necessities that we all take for granted. In places of crisis and war people cannot buy anything - even if they did have money. Material donations help the suffering effectively, they bring hope and ease or save lives – or at least make a contribution to a more humane existence.

Companies can help effectively with donations of kind: detergents, baby food, articles of hygiene, durable foods, articles for the sick, things like clothes that are no longer sold etc. 

Private individuals
Private individuals have the opportunity (especially in Switzerland) to give well-kept clothes, shoes and other everyday necessities, bicycles, camping equipment for children’s camps in the East and even tractors, cars etc. AVC Switzerland has a well-developed logistic and transport organsiation and delivers around 450 tons of relief supplies every year.

Please understand that we are not able to accept offered material donations. For example, when used cars are donated, that have to be collected, stored and finally transported to the needy, the cost often exceeds the value of new cars.

»Donations of time«
Private individuals or companies also have the opportunity to voluntarily offer their services, their knowledge and their time.

One way to make a donation of time is to become an AVC Ambassador.