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News 18. KW ItalienwebItaly: Castelnuovo di Porto 
One of the largest refugee camps near Rome is located in Castelnuovo di Porto. Living in this center are about 800 refugees.
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Sambia News 14 KWZambia: The container arrived
The container, which was filled with valuable cargo such as medical equipment and medication with a value of more than 72,000 Euros, was traveling until mid-March until it finally arrived.
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china webseiteChina: Young Christian risks everything
She is one of the most courageous Christians: Zhou Jinxia has repeatedly publicly tried to refer the Chinese government to God, regardless of the consequences she would receive.
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SibirienSibiria: Hostile to life
Sheer vastness, snow and -60 °C freezing temperatures. Life-hostile and life-threatening conditions.
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Iraq mobile clinicIraq: Transfer of the Mobile Clinic
The transfer of the new mobile to Iraq had surpassed even the wildest of hopes.
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iranIran: Sentenced five years in prison for beeing an Christian
A young Iranian woman, who was living in exile since many years in Switzerland, contacted us asking for prayer on behalf of her mother, who was on trial before court with other Christians.
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EthiopiaEthiopia: An Energetic Response
„We won’t let it bring us down.“ This was the answer that the Ethiopian Christians gave after the church building and the leader’s private property were destroyed - and this was not the first time.
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Madagaskar Finoana webMadagascar: The Runaway
Nine year old Finoana, who is a vibrant little girl, lived near our center with her aunt and seemed to be very happy. But suddenly, she was gone.
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ChristmasSyriaSyria: A historical Christmas in Kobane
Our team discovered a church about 150 km outside of Kobane. After IS had taken over the region, Christians were banished and the church was turned into a prison. Currently, the region has been liberated from the IS and the church has returned to its original purpose.

News Bulgarien 1Bulgaria: The Change Center changes lives
At the moment, the Change Center in Bulgaria is somewhat quieter than usual, as only 10 men are being cared for.
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News Indien 1India: Christians denied access to water
At the end of April in the Uttar Pradesh region, four Christian families were beaten by Hindus and falsely accused of converting Hindus to Christianity.

Moldau IdentitaetswechselMoldava: A New Identity
Oleg’s best friend was a rat. People had long wished to hear nothing of him.
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