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Ethiopia: Stony ground 

From a spiritual point of view, some regions of Ethiopia are like a rocky, difficult ground to work on. The Christians are facing a strong wind.

The small church in Debre Tabor, located in northern Ethiopia, have around 50 members who are meeting regularly. In addition to the church members, guests come exceeding the number to 100 worshippers in the service. Among them are also some university students. The people in the area are quite hostile to the gospel. During a leaders and workers retreat, the congregation suddenly heard a patter on the roof. But, the pattering did not come from the sound of rain. Fanatics in the area, whom would rather see Christians leaving than coming, attacked them with stones. Despite the attacks on the church, the Christians stayed inside and successfully finished their retreat.
The Christians in Ethiopia are patiently working to make the "stony soil" fertile. AVC is grateful to be able to support them during this time.