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Italy: Life on the Border Lines

For many, Rome is a city of history and art; fascinating for tourists and the pride of all Italians who live there. Very few people are aware of the very dark places in this impressive city - places where hundreds of people live on the border lines of human dignity: Africans, Eastern Europeans, Middle Easterners and even Italians.

One of these places is located in the middle of the city, on a main road with a lot of traffic. In a former penicillin factory, more than 500 people live in inhuman conditions. The rooms are divided with wooden and cardboard walls and are locked with large locks.

Since October, once a week employees of AVC Italy have been visiting the former factory, not only providing clothes, blankets, rice, canned food and warm tea, but also spiritual food. During each visit they open the Gospel of John and a group of at least 30 people will gather to hear the Good News and pray together.

One of these people is Sara *, a 40-year-old Italian woman. Sara has made some wrong choices in her past and has been struggling with addictions; but she is unconditionally loved by God. After several months of regular visits and prayer through the AVC Italy staff and three other Christians, this woman testified, "You are an instrument that God uses right now to help me. Everyone has left me, but I'm glad that God has not forgotten me. "A dear visitor has opened her heart for Sara’s situation. Every week, she takes Sara to the hospital for examinations and invites her to her home to offer a hot shower and shares the love of God with her. The road to full recovery is still long, but we persistently believe that nothing is impossible for God. Jesus can give this woman a new sense of life and a living hope even through all her struggles.

* Name changed