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Madagaskar News 20 KW

Madagascar: Changing colors

Seven days of being in the bush of Madagascar will not only change the color of your skin.

In April, our missionary Jean Forschle, set out again on a journey to bring the Good News to the unreached.

He and his team were able, by helicopter, to fly to nineteen villages which are impossible to reach by car.
Nine out of these nineteen villages heard the gospel for the very first time and many people gave their lives to the Lord. Our colleague, Edmond, who is the local pastor there, is doing such a wonderful work there. So, we hope that these decisions that were made will be stood upon firmly.

On the island of Nosy Lava, Christians have expressed a desire to build a church. However, all building material needed would have to be transported via helicopter. So, before any steps will be made, a complete calculation of costs will have to be done.

Our missionary writes, “If God is willing, we will continue with our evangelism with the Mitsubishi after the Pentecost. We are hoping that the roads will be dry and drivable. Our translator is so diligent and receives great praise from the people because of how well she translates. We also had taken a doctor from our mobile clinic with us, where he treated many people. This was really a great delight for many people.
When we first flew there, I was really white, but when we came back, I was red skinned. Of course, this is inevitable in the blazing 35 ° C degree sun.”

We are so happy and pleased about all the effort that our workers put in, even the change of color, and the also change of ruler ship in their lives when they accepted the Lord.