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News 18. KW Italienweb

Italy: Castelnuovo di Porto

One of the largest refugee camps near Rome is located in Castelnuovo di Porto. Living in this center are about 800 refugees, primarily coming from Africa and the Middle East.

Over the last months, AVC employees have been frequently visiting this center; spreading pamphlets and sharing what Jesus has done and is doing in their lives. Through this evangelism, several young Africans accepted Jesus as their Savior, entrusting their lives to him, and making an incredible decision to be baptized. They have integrated into a local church there, where they are attending regularly. In the camp, they meet as a group for Bible group studies.

AVC’s most vital mission is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In most Muslim countries, this is strictly forbidden. But, in Castelnuovo di Porto we have the chance and privilege to reach the Muslims residing there. The idea that God is a loving Father and wants to have a personal relationship with His children is not only new to the Muslims, but also very touching. This Good News goes under their skin and gets ahold of their hearts!

But, the young Christians also face difficulties and physical attacks from others for accepting the Gospel. This prevents, in a way, to reach the others due to the fear they face if they do accept Jesus into their lives.

It is very encouraging to encounter young people like Hamid and Nabil. Both come from Muslim countries, Iran and Pakistan, which are extremely hostile towards the Christian faith.
Hamid, who was already a Christian in Iran, was forced to flee his country, his culture and his family. Nabil, found Jesus Christ in the refugee camp. Both, now are part of the family of God here, where they are taken care of and will never be left alone.