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South Sudan: Grass-thatched church taken one step further

It isn’t completely finished yet. But, when AVC officials came to visit, it seemed like a great opportunity to open the doors of the new church. This newly built church replaces the former grass-thatched church that was rundown and had also become too small.

The church in Aroyo, which is in a remote market center located in the northwestern part of South Sudan, exists since four years. As of today, it holds several hundred members and has planted four daughter churches. Together with the newly built school, the building will help Aroyo to develop as a center for our work there.

Representatives from the local administration shared heart felt words at the ceremony.
“Until today, this town had no church. Thank you for coming here. And whenever there will be a need for additional land, whether for the church or developmental projects, it will be available.”

At the moment, the finalizing stages of the building bring some challenges. Rising prices and high transportation costs complicate the timing of this project. Nevertheless, the roof will be finished just in time before the rainy season makes its way. Hopefully, the cement plaster will be added soon as a protection for the outer walls. As far as benches, doors, windows, and an audio system go, we are relying on further support.