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Bulgaria: The Change Center changes lives

At the moment, the Change Center in Bulgaria is somewhat quieter than usual, as only 10 men are being cared for. Many others have found work, an apartment, or a room in a dormitory. Some were able to obtain ID cards with great difficulty, and others are still in the process with the help of the team members in Bulgaria, who will not give up.

Many tears are shed when the residents leave the center. They are grateful for all of the help they received. This is how an 81-year-old man left, who had been in the Change Center since January 2017 when his house was burnt down. In the beginning he was very skeptical regarding faith, but he said goodbye with these words: “More than anything I will miss the Sunday services and the church. I found something here that I have been searching for my whole life.”

At the end of May, two Alpha trainings in the churches in Dobrich and Silistra were held. We pray that these trainings spread throughout the whole region of northeast Bulgaria.

In addition to these evangelistic Alpha courses, The Four is spreading in Bulgaria. Our team is currently working on filming the video, printing the brochures and setting up the website in Bulgarian. THE FOUR is also intended to serve as an evangelical tool, especially to target young people.