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Laos KW 12 webkLaos: Reaching the unreached
They live in the remote mountain regions of the country. As members of a tribe despised by society, they are disadvantaged and expelled by their compatriots.

Aethiopien 27. KW webEthopia: Stony ground
From a spiritual point of view, some regions of Ethiopia are like a rocky, difficult ground to work on. The Christians are facing a strong wind.

news italien webseiteItaly: Life on the Border Lines
For many, Rome is a city of history and art; fascinating for tourists and the pride of all Italians who live there. Very few people are aware of the very dark places in this impressive city.
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Madagaskar News 20 KWMadagascar: Changing colors
Seven days of being in the bush of Madagascar will not only change the color of your skin.
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Suedsudan 16 KW webSouth Sudan: Grass-thatched church taken one step further
This newly built church replaces the former grass-thatched church that was rundown and had also become too small.
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News 18. KW ItalienwebItaly: Castelnuovo di Porto 
One of the largest refugee camps near Rome is located in Castelnuovo di Porto. Living in this center are about 800 refugees.
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SibirienSibiria: Hostile to life
Sheer vastness, snow and -60 °C freezing temperatures. Life-hostile and life-threatening conditions.
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News Bulgarien 1Bulgaria: The Change Center changes lives
At the moment, the Change Center in Bulgaria is somewhat quieter than usual, as only 10 men are being cared for.
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Aethiopien JubilumEthiopia: Anniversary
In an expression of deep gratitude to God’s greatness and faithfulness, the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church will be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary in local stadium.
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MDG JeantyMadagascar: A race against time
They carried him 32 kilometers on a self-made wheel barrow through endless bushes and shrubs. The race against time has begun.
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Istanbul2 webTurkey: In the heart of Istanbul
A few months ago an openness prevailed, but today contempt, rejection, and hatred toward us are the norm.
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SambiaZambia: Joint Venture
True teamwork and a dream came true. The first services are already celebrated, although the church is not yet finished.
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