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Nicaragua Fermin webNicaragua: Putting down the right card

Schools are construction sites. Well adapted to the current conditions, the ABC workshop in Nicaragua has an impressive influence - right down to the personal lives of the students.

Ingrid Martinez, one of our teachers, tells enthusiastically about one of her student's experience: "His father died two years ago. And his mother suffered an accident and could hardly work anymore due to the permanent pain that followed after. Fermin then had to take responsibility for the household and always appeared overtired at school.
His classmates started collecting food and money for him and the parents joined in. Among colleagues, we prayed intensively for this family. Then Fermin came to me, his face beaming, and told me that a therapist had come to their home and helped his mother to recover for free. Fermin is grateful: to God and to his classmates and teachers who have prayed and helped him and his family in this trying time. "
Ingrid is visibly touched, she continues: "I, too, am happy with what God has done, and when Fermin's school report came into my hands, I burst into tears. His grades were excellent, even though he had to cope with such a difficult chapter in his life. And moreover, he has learned to 'put down the right card' - to trust in God.”