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sat7 kw22 webseiteEducational TV for refugee children

AVC has been supporting Sat7 for many years. The Christian TV station has launched five new channels in three different languages in the Middle East. In a region where Christianity is banned and frowned upon, more than 21 million viewers are watching Sat7 broadcasts every single day.

The war in Syria still continues. There is a whole generation growing up never having the possibility to go to school—a catastrophe that Sat7 is determined to counteract upon. Some time ago, the channel ‘’Sat7-Academy’’ aired its training programs for refugee children. The goal is to reach refugee children in the entire region and to educate them in their tents und barracks in order to take make the starting of school easier for them. The success of the show is so great, that two national institutes in Lebanon will use it as part of their lessons in the school program.

Many schools in Lebanon and the Middle East have very catastrophic academic performance. This is why Sat7 hopes that schools will begin to use this program, which will benefit the whole entire region.
‘’We believe that our TV programs will greatly serve many organizations and educational institutes. They can take the content and add it to their lessons. In this way, we reach even more people in need’’, says editor and chief Nicoletta Michael.

A short video from Sat7 shows the teachers teaching at "Sat7 Academy". They talk about their passion for their job and their experiences in television.