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news bulgarien kw17 webseiteBulagria:Human Trafficking

In Bulgaria, winter has finally come to an end. People are breathing in and enjoying the fragrant spring air. As the cold fades away, unfortunately, the challenges that are partners are facing there do not.

Human trafficking remains a vital topic in Bulgaria. Our team working at our Center ‘’Change’’ are seeing over and over how people in need are falling for the empty promises given by the traffickers¬¬—exciting work, regular income, and good housing. But, the reality looks completely different in the foreign countries. The victims’ passports, phones, and money are taken away and they become slaves. People with disabilities are placed onto the streets as beggars, and women and children as prostitutes.

Authorities in Bulgaria are overwhelmed with the situation, often watching passively. For this reason, our local partner is establishing contacts with the local (Swiss) police, and those providing assistance for vulnerable people. It was thus possible for various experts from Western Europe to come to various meetings in Bulgaria in May, alongside the authorities and police, to hold seminars on ethics and anti-corruption for the police and judiciary.

We hope that this will bring change. Even if only one person’s life is spared from such a horrific fate, all the work is worth it.