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Sambia News 14 KWZambia: The container arrived

Around the end of December of last year, we provided a 40-foot container to help with the work that our colleague, Helmut Reutter, is currently doing in Zambia. The container, which was filled with valuable cargo such as medical equipment and medication with a value of more than 72,000 Euros, was traveling until mid-March until it finally arrived.

Now, it has reached its original planned destination. The medical equipment and medication will be used in a clinic in Lusaka and also by mobile clinics.
There was also a tent included in the container for future evangelization purposes.

We have a holistic approach in the work that we do. We not only have the health of the people in focus, but also the heart of each and every person we come in contact with.
The transport and management of the container was a success this time and we are feel truly blessed and honored that we can be a blessing to those in need in Zambia.