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Moldau IdentitaetswechselMoldova: A New Identity

Oleg’s best friend was a rat. People had long wished to hear nothing of him.

Suddenly two men were standing in front of Oleg. While dropping off their trash at the landfill they heard his cough. In the middle of the garbage they discovered Oleg’s crate. The man was frail and looked older than he was. His toenails had fallen off from the frost. He reeked of alcohol and his gaze was hopeless. He had already tried to take his own life several times.

A rat for a best friend
There was a time when Oleg had lived a happy life with his wife and children. It was a life that he had not been able to experience as a child. His parents had left him with his grandparents and disappeared from his life forever. Oleg tried to be a good husband and father, but his family life again started to crumble. His mother-in-law drove a wedge between he and his wife, which led them to divorce. Oleg drowned his pain in alcohol and ended up at the landfill. At first it was his place of work, but with time it became his home. Rats would run over his head while he slept. One of them became his pet and only friend. Oleg wished his life would end.

The two strangers standing before him asked him sincerely how he was doing and if they could help him. They offered him a place in our rehabilitation center, but Oleg was skeptical. Time and time again the homeless were abused and even killed. But the men’s friendliness impressed him. On their next visit they brought food and Oleg agreed to follow them to the rehabilitation center.

A New Identity
In the rehab there were many who shared Oleg’s story. They all wanted to turn their lives into a new direction. The group became Oleg’s new family; together they underwent rehabilitation and encouraged each other. He experienced a profound change. The Christian faith gave him a footing and new meaning to his life. He understood that Jesus loves him regardless of his past.

Today Oleg is free from alcohol addiction. He is a member of a Christian church and is now on staff at the very rehabilitation center that drastically changed his life. He now helps others to find their new identity.