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News 17 KW Nigeria Verfolgung

Nigeria: Christians slaughtered

The images of the massacres are too cruel for us to publish.

Christians in northern Nigeria are literally slaughtered. And this is not an isolated case. For years there have been bloody attacks by Muslim extremists (Boko Haram and Fulani). And these terrifying murders are on the increase. The dead, some cruelly mutilated, some burnt alive beyond recognition, have already had to be buried in mass graves.

For years, various organizations, such as our partner Morning Star News, Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International have been reporting on the incidents. Nigeria is ranked 12th among the countries where Christians suffer most from persecution.

The government in Nigeria is trying to declare these inhuman incidents as tribal conflicts. However, this is not correct. Our co-worker was on the spot, he made up his own mind about the situation. Like many others, he comes to the conclusion that these are obviously targeted attacks on Christians. When Christians are murdered in a place, their houses and churches burned down, but Muslim neighbours are not touched, this clearly shows that it is not about land and resources, but about the extermination of Christians.