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India: Three churches burned down


In the last six weeks alone, three churches have been set ablaze in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. One of them, after a Christian refused to make a financial donation towards an annual Hindu festival in the village.

Members of the ‘Kingdom of God’ church were returning home after an evening service when their church was attacked. Pastor Arul Ruben was almost home when he received this alarming call. He returned as fast as he could. But, when he arrived after 20 minutes at the church, it was almost completely burned down. The Christians had tried vainly to put out the fire. "Already last year, Christians were being harassed because they did not want to contribute to the local Hindu festival. Again, we have not contributed anything to it. And this is their revenge, "said Pastor Arul Ruben.

Unfortunately, the authorities are cautious and offer Christians no protection or security from such attacks.

The independent policy research institute, Pew Research Center, USA, ranked India as one of the countries with religious persecution by social structures and individuals in 2016. The country is ranked 11th in the OD World Watch list. The radical Hindu government has encouraged groups across the country to attack Christians.