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India: Small gestures, major victory


A court trial in Odisha, India, ruled —after a very long battle— in favor of 14 widows who lost their men due to religious persecution in the year of 2008.

The Odisha Supreme Court made a decision that the local authorities must financially compensate the widows and 6,000 others living in the area that lost their family members. After Sri Lanka's regional leader, Swami Laxmanananda, was killed by an unknown perpetrator in 2008, radical Hindus have started to attack Christians everywhere. During the weeks, more than 6,000 houses were destroyed, a number of churches were damaged or completely demolished, and many were injured and killed. The local authorities speak of 39 murders, the municipalities of nearly 100.

Of course, no financial support can ever take away the pain and suffering that these traumatic uprisings have caused. However, they surely stand as a symbol of hope for the many Christians in the country who more and more are suffering violence and persecution.
Its a small victory which gives them a hope in the country.