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China: Young Christian risks everything

She is one of the most courageous Christians: Zhou Jinxia has repeatedly publicly tried to refer the Chinese government to God, regardless of the consequences she would receive.

In mid-March, she traveled from Dalian to Beijing and posted a sign to the entry door of the Communist Party headquarters which was also referred to as the government. The sign said, "God loves the people of this world and also calls Xi Jinping," the Secretary-General of the Communist Party and President of China. She was quickly arrested by security officers. Later, she was taken back to Dalian by a senior police officer from her hometown, where she is now still arrested.

This was not the first time that Zhou mentioned God to the government of the country. She has already been on this kind of mission more than twelve times. And all these attempts, she ended up in police custody. The penalties for evangelism and the disturbance of public order have risen dramatically. There is a great possibility that she will have to be detained much longer than previous times.

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