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India: Christians denied access to water

At the end of April in the Uttar Pradesh region, four Christian families were beaten by Hindus and falsely accused of converting Hindus to Christianity. The Christians were commanded to practice Hindu rituals and deny their faith, but they did neither.

It turns out that the village head had instigated the Hindus to attack the converted Christians. The Christians complained to the police, and both sides were heard. The police said that everyone should follow his or her own religion, and that no worship services should be disturbed.

However, since this incident, Christians in the village have not been allowed access to water. The water supply that they use to irrigate their fields was cut off and the fields are drying out. The owners are anxious about the harvest. The village head answered that it is villagers who choose to sell or not to sell water to others; the choice is personal.

In the middle of June the Christians tried to convince the village head for a third time, but without success. He replied, "Stop the church services in the village, and stop following Jesus. Only then will your fields be irrigated again."