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Laos KW 12 webkLaos: Reaching the unreached
They live in the remote mountain regions of the country. As members of a tribe despised by society, they are disadvantaged and expelled by their compatriots.

News 17 KW Nigeria VerfolgungNigeria: Christians slaughtered
The images of the massacres are too cruel for us to publish.

syrien kirche websiteSyria: First church in decades
The „Church of the Brethren”, a Christian church, was opened in September in the formerly occupied city of Kobane. The officially registered church is the first in about 100 years.

Aethiopien 27. KW webEthopia: Stony ground
From a spiritual point of view, some regions of Ethiopia are like a rocky, difficult ground to work on. The Christians are facing a strong wind.

Indien Kirchen niedergebranntIndia: Three churches burned down
In the last six weeks alone, three churches have been set ablaze in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
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Nicaragua Fermin webNicaragua: Putting down the right card
Schools are construction sites. Well adapted to the current conditions, the ABC workshop in Nicaragua has an impressive influence - right down to the personal lives of the students.


news italien webseiteItaly: Life on the Border Lines
For many, Rome is a city of history and art; fascinating for tourists and the pride of all Italians who live there. Very few people are aware of the very dark places in this impressive city.
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sat7 kw22 webseiteEducational TV for regugee children
In a region where Christianity is banned and frowned upon, more than 21 million viewers are watching Sat7 broadcasts every single day.
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indien webseiteIndia: Small gesture, major victory
A court trial in Odisha, India, ruled —after a very long battle— in favor of 14 widows who lost their men due to religious persecution in the year of 2008.
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Madagaskar News 20 KWMadagascar: Changing colors
Seven days of being in the bush of Madagascar will not only change the color of your skin.
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news bulgarien kw17 webseiteBulgaria: Human Trafficking
In Bulgaria, winter has finally come to an end. People are breathing in and enjoying the fragrant spring air. As the cold fades away, unfortunately, the challenges that are partners are facing there do not.
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Suedsudan 16 KW webSouth Sudan: Grass-thatched church taken one step further
This newly built church replaces the former grass-thatched church that was rundown and had also become too small.
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