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ChristmasSyriaSyria: A historical Christmas in Kobane
Our team discovered a church about 150 km outside of Kobane. After IS had taken over the region, Christians were banished and the church was turned into a prison. Currently, the region has been liberated from the IS and the church has returned to its original purpose.

News Indien 1India: Christians denied access to water
At the end of April in the Uttar Pradesh region, four Christian families were beaten by Hindus and falsely accused of converting Hindus to Christianity.

china christen trotzen der verfolgungPersecution in China
Because of the terrible events transpiring in the Middle East, the renewed and increasing persecution of Christians in China has gone widely unnoticed.
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Saeed AbediniIran: Saeed Abedini is free!
After more than three years of imprisonment, Pastor Saeed Abedini was able to return to his wife and children in the United States.
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Isis2 1Syria: Return of terror
Ever since February 2015 Kobane was considered free from terror, but it returned.
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Moldau IdentitaetswechselMoldava: A New Identity

Oleg’s best friend was a rat. People had long wished to hear nothing of him.

Elias PeruPeru: He can walk!
Elias is an extraordinary child. His mother only first realized through a long process.
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Sanddamm webEthiopia: Water for thousands of families
In dry
Southern Ethiopia a dam project brings fresh water
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Aethiopien JubilumEthiopia: Anniversary
In an expression of deep gratitude to God’s greatness and faithfulness, the Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church will be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary in local stadium.
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MDG JeantyMadagascar: A race against time
They carried him 32 kilometers on a self-made wheel barrow through endless bushes and shrubs. The race against time has begun.
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Istanbul2 webTurkey: In the heart of Istanbul
A few months ago an openness prevailed, but today contempt, rejection, and hatred toward us are the norm.
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SambiaZambia: Joint Venture
True teamwork and a dream came true. The first services are already celebrated, although the church is not yet finished.
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