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AVC Germany
AVC is a national ministry of the United Free Pentecostal Churches of Germany. We collaborate with partners, partner organisations and local communities worldwide. In addition, we are a member of various networks.


zusammenarbeit logoBFP    United of free church Pentecostal congregations in Germany
 zusammenarbeit logoApcm    Association of Pentecostal charismatic missions
 zusammenarbeit logoMediaVision  

 Media Vision

 zusammenarbeit logoPef de    Association for World Mission
 zusammenarbeit logoPem    Pfingst-Europe-Mission




AVC Switzerland

AVC works with partners and partner organisations (churches and christian leaders) in the project countries. AVC is a member of the following five networks in Switzerland:


zusammenarbeit logoSeaLinks    zusammenarbeit logoSeaRechts de
 zusammenarbeit logoClaim  

 Claim Mongolia

 zusammenarbeit logoHoffnungsnetzLinks   zusammenarbeit logoHoffnungsnetz de
 zusammenarbeit logoInteraction    
zusammenarbeit logoAWP de    




AVC Austria

AVC is a ministry branch of the Free Christian Churches of Austria. AVC works internationally with various partners or partner organisations. In Austria, we are member of the following networks:

zusammenarbeit logoAEM    AEM Österreich (Working group of Evangelical missions of Austria)
 zusammenarbeit logoEA   EA Österreich (Evangelische Allianz Austria)
    AKREF (Arbeitskreis freedom for religion)
    Platform Christian Persecution
    Action Group persecution of Christians