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Nordafrika KW 21 web

North Africa: God's ways...

Najib is a practicing Muslim. He made his pilgrimage to Mecca and helps others to fulfill this duty, the 5th pillar of Islam. He takes his religion very seriously.

One day, while resting in his living room, he encounters a Christian television broadcast in Arabic. A Bible is offered in the programme. Najib quickly reaches for the telephone to order the Bible.

Our local partner immediately contacted Najib. An appointment is made for the next day. The meeting is short. Najib is known in the region. He is afraid to be discovered. But he wants to know more and so he meets again with his interlocutor a week later. Many questions are discussed over a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, the conversation revolves around the following topic: What does the Bible say about wine consumption?

Our partner replied that there is nothing in the Bible that forbids the consumption of wine as long as it is not abused, drunk or addictive. Najib is overjoyed. Then he gives his life to Jesus.

As a practicing Muslim he always felt bad when he drank a glass of wine and accused himself of betraying his religion. But he likes to drink here and there. He discovered an unexpected freedom in Jesus.

Najib has been baptized and is in close contact with other Christians. But he is very afraid to visit a house church. His wife, whom he once took to church, has left him in the meantime. To live her faith openly remains a difficult thing for Christians in many Muslim countries. But God sometimes finds very surprising ways to reach people.