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Nicaragua Fermin webSouth Sudan: Emergency evacuation of staff

Our employees in Kachipo/South Sudan had to be evacuated from their operational area by UN helicopters.

In Kachipo, located in the border area to Ethiopia and not yet touched by civilisation, our project partner runs a primary school. Separated for months from their families and the comforts of a modern life, the teachers there endure difficult conditions. As a result of years of work there are now for the first time young people who can read and write and thus have a perspective for a life outside the ancestral mud hut. Bloody tribal feuds have now ended this work for the time being.

Southern Sudan is repeatedly shaken by crises and violent conflicts. Conflicts flare up at the national and local levels. The latter are often enough caused by traditions strange to us. Those who, for example, have to pay dozens of cows as bride prices rob them of their neighboring tribes and thus prove their manhood. The Murle and the Jiye are currently fighting each other. Fifty people have already lost their lives. These clashes are also endangering our project staff in Kachipo. So we had to get them to safety at short notice.