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Gebetsmarsch Bochum web

Persecution: Using the own religious freedom

Use religious freedom to stand up for persecuted Christians. That's what they did.

At the end of the rally, many participants expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for the event. "We'll come back next year, then with more people." And another one summarized it as follows: "Yes, the trip to Bochum was worth it".

In cooperation with a church in Bochum, AVC organized a prayer march to draw attention to the situation of persecuted Christians worldwide. The two-hour event was framed by an opening and closing rally. In between, a prayer procession moved through the city centre. During the prayer procession, an AVC staff member introduced the participants to various countries and named concerns for which the participants prayed.

In the speeches of the final rally it was repeatedly challenged that we as Christians should use religious freedom in our country to address the issue of persecution of Christians, to give the persecuted a voice.

But also the importance of prayer became clear. A Chinese pastor, who had to flee China with his family as a teenager in the 90s, reported about his father. He emphasized how he had always clearly felt on death row when Christians somewhere in the world prayed for him and were encouraged by it. "Prayer is never in vain, but always has an effect."

Another speaker encouraged each individual participant to be a courageous ambassador for the persecuted by talking about the topic in his environment and in the social media.